ENERGEL Estonia OÜ is a Finnish company ENERGEL OY subsidiary, which started operations in April 2004. The company was founded to organize sales activities in the Baltic countries. Today, ENERGEL Estonia OÜ has expanded its operations and opened a subsidiary in Latvia to organize sales activities more efficiently in Latvia and Lithuania.

    ENERGEL Estonia OÜ represents several producers from Europe and outside it. The fields of activity of the company, which represent various manufacturers, are:
  • medium and high voltage equipment
  • power and distribution transformers
  • low voltage products
  • electronics components

    Energel Estonia OÜ and Energel OY belong to the Norwegian group Malthe Winje AS. Malthe Winje AS was founded in 1922. Today it is today the parent company of the Malthe Winje group, which consists of several companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, France and China. Main activities of the group are: Automation products, Building automation, Water and Wastewater technique, Transport and communication, Energy, Hydropower, Water preparedness solutions, Electro and Automation panels, Installation materials.